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?zlem Yıldız'ın işadamı sevgilisi boşanmaktan vazge?ti | Skyturk ...

Özlem Yıldız'ın sevgilisi Mustafa Elgin, dava dilekçesini geri çekip eşiyle boşanmaktan vazgeçti.

Özlem Yıldız yüzünden dokuz yıllık eşinden boşanma kararı alan Mersinli işadamı Mustafa Elgin, herkesi şaşırtan bir gelişmeye imza attı. Eşinden boşanmak için mahkemeye dilekçe verdiği gün Özlem Yıldız ve arkadaşlarıyla davullu zurnalı kutlama yapan işadamı, son anda manevra yapıp mahkemeye yeni bir dilekçe verdi.


İşadamı, GÜNAYDIN’ın ele geçirdiği dilekçede eşi Pelin Elgin’den boşanmak istemediğini beyan etti. Bu hamle, uzun süre işadamıyla ilişkisini gizledikten sonra birlikte verdiği pozla ilan-ı aşk eden Özlem Yıldız cephesinde şok etkisi yarattı. Yakın çevresi, işadamının eşiyle barıştığını iddia ediyor.


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Eocene: What You Really Need : Moustache Magazine

Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 1.59.25 PM

All images source: Eocene

Words by Hannah Rabbitt

AHHH, Australia. We love you for your beaches, your cute, eucalyptus munching critters and your eccentric selection of delicacies (vegemite, we’re looking at you). But, we do not love you for your somewhat scarce availability of certain outrageously funky designers. A moment of silence, please.

But alas fellow Australians who are also suffering through a painful drought of Henry Holland, Opening Ceremony, Peter Jensen et al, there is a Messiah here to save us all, and its name is Eocene.

Described as ‘an online destination that offers cult international menswear and womenswear brands that are not widely available through Australian retailers,’ Eocene is set to change up the way we get our mitts on alternative international brands.


If your heart isn’t already palpitating at a crazy pace, then prepare yourself. Eocene offer free express delivery Australia wide. And it’s ten per cent off your first purchase. “Is this real life?” I can hear you all mutter. It most certainly is.

So what’s been baked fresh in the Eocene kitchen? It’s hot, so hot (insert seedy face emoji here).

House of Holland’s latest and greatest prints (I’m talking geometric purple a-line skirts and button ups adorned with very fancy ladies) are all sitting pretty and waiting to be added to your cart. Jonathon Simkhai’s offering up sexy asymetriclly hemmed skirts in black croc and Opening Ceremony have taken fingerprints, dyed them purple and put them on frocks and tops. Metallic pleated skirts from Charlotte Eskildsen are only a click away from the sexiest biker jacket I’ve ever laid eyes (and a mouse) on. I’m getting drool all over my keyboard as I scroll.

Guys can get happy-clicking too. Soulland (one of the sickest Danish brands to boot) have the gnarliest selection of galactic-inspired printed tees and shirts hanging on their virtual racks (much cooler than real racks, duh). Tigersushi -bet you’ve never seen them in Aus before- have cool kicks fully nailed and groovy jumpers to don with them.


Head on over; they’re always open. I double dog dare you not to fall in love.

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The Toys R Us Flagship On Thanksgiving Was Totally Nuts ...

NEW YORK — It’s a frigid Thanksgiving Day in Manhattan’s Times Square. Each week, the tourist mecca attracts millions eager to take in the flashing lights.

NEW YORK — It’s a frigid Thanksgiving Day in Manhattan’s Times Square. Each week, the tourist mecca attracts millions eager to take in the flashing lights. But today’s not about taking selfies in front of billboards. It’s about a shopping frenzy.

Workers mill about outside the entrance of the Toys R Us flagship store. The 110,000-square-foot space is being prepped for its 5 p.m. opening. A line snakes away from the front door, hugging the wall around the block. Here, corralled behind Toys R Us-branded barricades, shoppers wait to be part of the first wave. Most of them are wearing red and white Santa hats, given to them by Toys R Us employees to add more holiday flair.


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The Toys R Us Flagship On Thanksgiving Was Totally Nuts


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