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Beautifully Balayage and the Brunette | Jack Howard´s Hair colourist ...

Most brunettes like being brown, they hate orange and red tones and when it come to grey coverage they just want to look natural. Yet whatever city you’re in you always see that client – the one in the 40-65 year old range with that orange brown glow of coloured hair… Maybe it’s a home job, maybe not: it’s hard to keep the brassy tones away in the sunshine and colour does oxidize so our job as colourists is to work hard at keeping the brass away. Fortunately, recent developments are making this easier.

We don’t see many celebs around with orange hues unless they are copper.

Brunettes are hot right now, I mean really hot – lots of clients have been wanting to go darker and I’m sure that this has something to do with celebrity culture. Look at some of the amazing brunettes out there, Kim Kardashian looks amazing as a brunette not a blonde, Alexa Chung (who went from dark to light at Neville) can slide between lighter browns and deeper ones, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie to name a few… But it doesn’t have to be solid colour and this is where Balayage has really evolved, adding dimension and texture without totally altering the overall feel of brunettes. Recently I’ve had 2 actresses and models wanting to go darker from blondes which have been for film roles, but who knows, they might stay that way till the next job requires another colour change! For both Vanessa Kirby and Suki Waterhouse I had to pre-colour because they both had very blonde balayage. Pre-colouring is really important to stop the colour being muddy or even green, and to give an even finish. With the launch of dia light by L’Oreal that is now a very simple step, it’s quick, effective and never fails me, and I have never had to do it again because its PH is acid and doesn’t damage the hair. After that, it was all about picking the right tone… For Vanessa I went for a level 5 with a touch of warmth while for Suki we opted to stay on the level of a six, and both colour changes involved lots of conversations with agents to make sure we where all on the right page.

The launch of Majirel cool cover and the .17 ranges in Majirel and Inoa have been a godsend to me and all my brunettes… they don’t want to see red or warmth but want to look natural and I now have more tools to play with.

Are you finding more blondes are going darker or even brunette? It’s a big step for a blonde as so much of a woman’s identity can be in her blonde, but I’ve found the ladies who do love it, and don’t want to go back.

When I talk to a brunette client and we are talking Balayage I always talk about browns on brown or what I like to call French Brown, I know it’s all about a taste level for the client and the colourist, but a level 1-5 naturally does not I believe look good with level 22 highlights or brassy orange tones. Many darker brunettes are scared of lightners because they have had bad experiences with them, but you do need to lift the natural hair up a few levels, again I believe 3 levels lighter is enough, but its all in the glaze.

The model below is a prime example of how natural yet modern Balayage can be on our darker bases.

Natural Brunette and Balayage

Natural Brunette and Balayage

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A Pastel Coloured World According To Georgina Kreutzer ...

jared leto

Source: Facebook

Words by Michelle Cha

GEORGINA Kreutzer is talented, motivated, ambitious, and just gorgeous. Her illustrations have been promoted by celebs like Jared Leto and Gigi Hadid (just to name a few). Georgina’s success is from her drive for her art; her imagination and skills are in perfect partnership to create such beautiful images. The soft hues of pastel colours and amazing detail work leaves the viewer with goosebumps of how life like the drawings are. I was lucky to fire some questions to Georgina, and I loved the passion and enthusiasm in her responses!

MM: I have seen that you got some great coverage and recognition by Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars, congratulations!

GK: Thank you so much! It felt surreal to get that kind of recognition by such a big name in the music industry!

If you had to pick, what is your favourite drawing that you have done and why?

Favourite artwork I have done is by no means a recent one – it’s probably this small acrylic and impasto texture painting I did back when I was sixteen. The piece reflected a fusion of my creative influences and personal experiences, being based on a photograph I took of the little chairs my brother, sister and I used as kids that had been left in our old farmhouse stable for years. There’s a lot of intrinsic, sentimental attachment to that piece. I actually painted it a second time as I wanted to exhibit it in a gallery, who then wanted to sell it on commission. The former mayor of Byron Bay has it hanging in her house now.

Do you have any rituals before you start on an illustration?

There is certainly a ritual before I start work, usually consisting of making a herbal tea and looking over the work of some of my influences (Caravaggio, the early Impressionists, and some more contemporary artists like Bec Winnel, Redd Walitzki, N.C. Winters, to name a really select few). I start every day with an early morning run, too! My mind’s at its best when I’m feeling fit and energised. From there it all depends on the subject of the artwork, and whether I’m drawing from a real life reference, existing photo shoot, an image I’ve photoshopped up in advance, or from imagination. Usually it’s a mix.

What have you got planned for the future with your tremendous talent?

That’s a huge question as I have so many plans! I’m in between a bachelor and master of Architecture, I currently balance a full time job in an architecture firm, and part time job on weekends, in conjunction with keeping up with print sales and art commissions. I’m always moving and I love it. Whatever I do in the creative industry I hope to inspire others and create things that wow people – so far meeting brilliant people and travelling has come from it! Getting recognition from some big names in fashion, music, and culture has been a real motivator. Currently writing this on a plane to New York; the States are one of my favourite places to travel, especially in regards to art and architecture. Early next month have plans to meet the owner and his wife of Australian art material company, Micador, at an art party NYC. Because I consider my goals to be a race with an ever shifting finish line, I constantly remind myself to enjoy the now.


Source: facebook

Could you describe the process and how long a typical illustration takes?

My process is forever changing as I try out new mediums and develop existing techniques (as I’m sure could be said for most artists). I’m forever attempting to show colour and light in expressive and intriguing ways, usually applied to portraiture and natural objects like seashells, raw and cut gems, sometimes in conjunction with objects from high fashion brands. When I go for portraiture, I try to achieve a strong yet ethereal edge, usually getting inspiration from bold fashion shoots and converging them with the softer materials I use. Right now I favour pastels and pencils on toned paper, usually starting out blocking highlights and base colours with pastel, then building layers and layer of pencil colour and detail over the top. It can take anywhere between a few hours, to a few sittings over several days, depending on the piece.

Is there any other kind of art forms or mediums that you hope to experiment with?

Ha, definitely! I can’t wait to live in an apartment that’s not all white and carpeted because I want to use oil paints so bad! I’m moving to Sydney early next year so if I get a tiled studio I’ll get back into developing my painting for sure.


Source: facebook

Thank you for the chance to interview you!

Thank you!

For more information on Georgina’s work visit her website, Facebook, Instagram, or to purchase originals visit her Studio Shop.

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Hate It or Love It? Kim Kardashian Goes Backless in Los Angeles ...


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West stepped out in Los Angeles on Sunday for a midday movie and Kim may have forgotten the back of her shirt at home — just kidding!

In a somewhat bold fashion choice, Kim rocked denim cutoff shorts and a backless half-shirt type moment paired with tan strappy heels.

Take a look from the front:


What do you think of Kim’s outfit?


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